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So this is a story all about how…

The world of Auicia is filled with dangerous waters and mystical treasures, all held by its vast ocean. Many travelers and die-hard monster and treasure hunters travel the seas in order to hunt for their prey, and just have a grand old time!

A Guild of those hoping to search the seas formed, many years ago. Headed by the world’s strongest Seekers, they keep watch on every individual Seeker they can, preventing overhunting and guiding the more landlubber types to get their sea legs.

Recently, however, a few of the higher ranking Seekers in the world have gone missing. Rumors abound of a great sea dragon awakening and devouring their ships, never to return. Others posit that perhaps storms overtook them. Whatever the cause of the disappearances, the waters around the world certainly have become much more mysterious.

Main Page

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